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Albert Caudill is a 41 year old man from Newcastle, Australia. He is married to Elise and they have two children, Ethan, age 4, and Devyn, age 2. In his spare time, Albert loves to listen to music. He enjoys listening to most genres of music, including rock, country, and alternative. Along with his passion for music, he enjoys working on car audio systems in order to help them achieve the greatest sound quality possible. He works at a mechanics garage, where he can fix all parts of cars, in addition to being able to explore his hobby of working on car audio systems. His family enjoys going to concerts together, and they have traveled their nation to go to concerts of a variety of music artists. Albert plays guitar, piano, and is learning how to play the violin. He and his wife are raising their children to have the same passion for music, and Ethan has already learned how to play the piano. Albert and his family hope to continue exploring their passion for music in the coming years.